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I apologize for the staccato nature of my thoughts
I do not answer theme questions on this blog.

If you are rude, I will ridicule you. If you are polite, I will do my best to converse with you and answer your questions, however I am able. If you need help or are shy, please do not feel uneasy.

I have no shark-like qualities, including the instinct to bite.


It’s not wrong to have nudes. Women are allowed to be proud of their body and want to send pics to whoever they want. you know why?? bc they think that their trust wont be violated. Stop telling girls that they were asking for it if their nudes got leaked. Stop pretending that society doesn’t see girls as victims, but rather as products of patriarchal marketing. Stop branding them as sluts and “attention seeking whores” when honestly the real problem is that someone is fucking leaking these pictures without consent and trying to ruin these girls’ lives. That’s whats wrong.

*hugs* ily